What We Do

The first session will begin with the physiotherapist assessing the nature and extent of a patient’s problems, this may involve examination and observation. The patient may be asked to walk around and perform some exercises so that the physiotherapist can identify the issues and work out a suitable treatment plan.

During the first session the physiotherapist will also ask questions relating to the patient’s general health in order to identify any pre-existing conditions. The physiotherapist will also want to know details of any allergies or phobias which may alter the treatment methods they offer.

Our Treatments

Meet Our Specialists


All our physiotherapists are professionally qualified and experienced.


We treat the disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as heat treatment, and exercise.

Our Service

We give our best service for our patient and make them comfortable.


We use the modern technology equipment for the treatments we provide.

Latest News

We are now equipped with latest equipments at our new place at Dehiwala Peter’s Lane