Turn Every Moment into Wellness with your Com Bank Cards

Physiotherapy plays an important role in enhancing the quality of life for people at various life stages and with different health conditions, by maintaining and improving overall health and functionality, preventing injuries and managing a broad spectrum of health issues. However, in this part of the world, there is a significant need to raise awareness about the crucial role of physiotherapy.

Key areas that underscore the importance of physiotherapy include Aging Population, Chronic Disease Management, Recovery from Injuries, Post-surgical Rehabilitation, Preventive Care, Supporting Mental Health and Improving Fitness and Wellness.

Physio Medicare is excited to partner with Commercial Bank to broaden awareness and offer exclusive discounts to Com Bank Credit and Debit Card holders. We are proud to collaborate with Commercial Bank, a recipient of numerous accolades such as Best Bank, Best Mobile Banking App, Best SME Bank, along with awards in digital solutions, sustainability, customer service and support for SMEs and large corporations, all while delivering value to its customers in various ways through awareness and financial benefits.

Physio Medicare has partnered with Com Bank to offer a 15% discount to its credit and debit cardholders from May 16th to 20th, 2024. This promotion aims to enhance well-being by raising awareness and providing affordable access to physiotherapy services at Physio Medicare, located at No.04, Peter’s Lane, Dehiwala. Commercial Bank cardholders can learn more or schedule an appointment by calling Physio Medicare at +94 77 7123 234 or visiting www.physiomedicare.com, or by contacting ComBank at +94 112 353 353 or visiting https://www.combank.lk/rewards-promotion/healthcare/elevate-your-well-being-at-physio-medicare-with-combank-credit-and-debit-cards, www.combank.lk. Other campaign terms and conditions apply.