Understanding the Consequences of Falls Among the Elderly

Falls are a leading cause of injury among the elderly, impacting their health and ability to engage in daily tasks.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than one out of four older people falls each year. These serious injuries such as hip fractures and head injuries not only pose physical dangers but also instill a fear of falling, resulting in reduced activity, isolation and reduced quality of life.

Reduced flexibility contributes to the risk of falls, affecting balance, coordination and the ability to perform daily activities safely. As individuals age, muscles and joints naturally become stiffer and less elastic, making movements slower and increasing the likelihood of falls.

Flexibility plays a pivotal role in addressing these challenges among elders. Through exercise programs that include stretching, strength training, and balance exercises, physiotherapists help seniors regain mobility, enhance their physical function and boost their confidence in moving safely.

Our physiotherapy services extend well beyond fall prevention. With our free fall risk assessment, we aim to identify potential hazards early on, allowing us to take proactive measures that limit the risk of falling and safeguard seniors. This careful evaluation is crucial in preserving the independence of seniors, especially those living alone.

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